The Naked Truth About Errors and Omissions Insurance in the World of Indie Film Distribution

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E & O Insurance) is something every movie producer needs if they want to sign a movie distribution deal.

I'm not an entertainment attorney or insurance salesperson, but Errors and Omissions Insurance protects you and the movie distributor you sign a deal with from different lawsuits common in the entertainment business.

These include allegations of breach of contract, copyright infringement, defamation or degrading of products (showing trademarks on camera), invasion of privacy, infringement on title, slogan and lots of other nasty legal salvos.

It's an insurance policy that protects a movie producer and movie distributor's ass in the course of doing business in the entertainment industry.

Errors and Omissions Insurance does not deal with the creative side of making movies, so lots of times some indie movie producers don't plan for it in their movie budgets.

But if you want to sell your show to a movie distributor you'll have to learn what it's all about at some point.

That's unless you're movie distribution plan is using your own blog to sell digital downloads or DVDs online or hitting the streets with copies in the trunk of your hybrid vehicle.

I know more than a few indie filmmakers that make decent money selling movies that way without ever having to worry about the cost of an Errors and Omissions Insurance.

I respect their energy and push to get out there to sell their movies directly online or in person through all sorts of ways. That's a post on self-distribution left for another day.

The Catch-22 with Errors and Omissions Insurance has to do with dealing with movie distributors.
Every distribution deal coproducer Tim "Timbo" Beachum and I have been involved with from selling indie movies to reality programs has involved E & O Insurance.

After you finish your movie odds are you're going to want to land meaningful distribution for it.
That means working with a movie distributor to get released by mainstream retail outlets domestically and internationally in every medium possible.

Movie distribution deals for indie cinema usually happen two ways. A movie is screened at different film festivals, gets the attention of distributor and a film distribution agreement is offered to acquire the rights or an offer is made to buy the movie rights outright.

Or you skip the film festival circuit and contact movie distributors directly with a screener and your other marketing materials like artwork etc. If they like what they see a distribution agreement is sent your way to consider.

By this time the euphoria of making a movie has faded. You're now dealing with the business of making movies. You have film investors you have to pay back with interest.

Even if it was your own hard-earned cash invested to produce your movie you're going to want to be able to pay yourself back with interest.

Indie filmmakers all make movies from different financial places, personal motivations and creative needs. None of the reasons you make movies for really matters …

The Truth Behind Our Banking System

Most people don't really understand the truth behind our banking system because it is not taught in our schools, not even to financial professionals. Oddly enough, the inconvenient history is omitted from all educational curriculums. I obtained a business degree in finance and there was one thing that never was taught to me about the origins of our banking system that I believe is key to the state of our banking system and our economy today. It is the fact that it was created under cover of legislation that was supposed to protect the economy and stabilize it. That is the primary mission of the Federal Reserve Bank. However, the real motivation was to shield the owners of the banks from competition and create a cartel.

I was also created to start a franchise that could print a fiat currency. A fiat currency is one that has no basis of value except by the good faith in the government to pay its debts. It means that if more money is needed in the economy, the bank simply creates it. This central bank could also then take control of all the reserves of all banks to protect the more wreck less banks from runs at the cost of the conservative ones, and get access to taxpayer money when the bank is in trouble. All the while, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was sold as a law that would protect the public. In terms of stabilizing the economy, the Federal Reserve Bank has failed miserably. In terms of reaching its true and hidden goals, it has been extremely successful.

People believe that the financial crisis is somewhat of a mystery. But every financial crisis we have had since the Federal Reserve Banking System has been in place has been related to debt. Under the current system, debt is used to create new money or to shrink the supply of money (by paying debt off) to attempt to control the economy, and allegedly stabilize it. In reality, since the loans were made with money created from nothing, the bank loses very little money. It is money that it never had in the first place. Technically, a retail bank with too many bad loans becomes insolvent, so the game is to roll bad loans over into larger ones and creates more money and gives the borrowers more money to continue to make the interest payments. There is also insurance that backs loans, so the government will pay for bad loans with taxpayer money. The Federal Reserve Bank has convinced the government that allowing big banks to fail would create great hardship in the economy, however, it is the massive creation of debt that fuels this system that causes the great hardship when the final cost of bailouts is passed to the public in the form of inflation due to an excess supply of money created by excessive lending to cover bad loans.

There is a rich history of how the banking bailout system …

The Truth About Money and Relationships

MONEY!! Ergh! Are you arguing or disagreeing with your partner about money? Sad truth is that you are not the only one. According to a research conducted by Ramsey Solutions, money is the number one reason most couples fight, and the second leading cause of divorce after infidelity.

Most people in this generation are actually facing a lot of financial turmoil while single. You can imagine how much worse it becomes when another person is added to the equation. This is true especially when you and your partner don’t have the same financial priorities.

Imagine if you are looking to save for an investment while your partner wants to burn money on vacations or spending time with friends. It is important as a couple that you start planning your financial future from the get go.

Is money important in a relationship?

Money is a very sensitive subject for many people in relationships. Some are of the school of thought that love conquers all while others believe that it doesn’t pay bills. Money is important because it dictates what you can do as a couple and places limits on your relationship.

There are many expectations when you are living with or seeing someone else; and there are endless ways in which money factors into a relationship. It is important therefore to work towards being stable for a lasting relationship that will not be shaken by a lack of money.

When in a relationship, your personal financial responsibilities become the relationship’s financial responsibilities. A roof over your head is also a roof over the head of your partner. Your bills also become theirs too. This means that failure of your partner to provide leads to problems for both of you.

Reasons why Money is Important in a Relationship

  1. Power

With money comes power; and with power, you are able to make independent decisions including leaving a toxic relationship. There are many people enduring toxic relationships all because they depend on their partners for provision. If you are in a financially stable relationship, you get the power to leave a toxic relationship without worrying for yourself or your kids.

  1. Luxury

Everyone wants the good things in life; and even if they are not looking for extreme luxury, they might just want to live a comfortable life. Money ensures you can get whatever you want or need at a given time. Want to take a vacation to the Caribbean? Want to buy your children the latest X-Box? Boom! With enough money, nothing material is out of reach.

  1. Happy, healthy children

If you have kids, money becomes even that more important. The pride of every parent out there is in providing for their children. With money, you are able to offer them the best in health, education, security and everything else they need to grow into happy and healthy children.

  1. Peace

With enough money between the two of you, the arguments reduce significantly. With a financially stable relationship, none of the partners will have to …