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Answers to your concerns about marketing and advertising and business in the Twin Cities. Neither accurately reporting false statements, nor reporting and difficult them, are sufficient responses to continual misuse of the media and deliberate efforts to use the media to mislead the public.

The most current a single, Binded (a rebranding of a business known as Blockai) is a startup providing up worthless “certificates” – selling snake oil to the inventive masses. In the above two examples, Developing Energy and DWB recognize that accepting these donations not only represents a drop in the bucket of a major problem, it also validates the behaviour of Pfizer and Monsanto to continue their egregious behaviour.

In my last weblog post, Selling Stock: It is About Search Rank, Not Value , I argued that the price tag variability in the stock photo market can be exploited by these who garner higher search rankings. Sending a photographer from LA to NYC to do a photo shoot seems unnecessary, until you understand you’re trying to have a equivalent style and appear to the photos for a story with subjects in disparate places.

No paperwork or filing is necessary to generate a partnership, and without an agreement, the relationships and legal rights of the partners will be totally governed by the law of the jurisdiction where the partnership is located. And prior to you say Bingo, everyone has been offered a dole.